Learn about the infection risks of reusable bronchoscopes from Dr. Alfa that has specialized for 30 years in medical device reprocessing.

Three published infection outbreaks related to contaminated bronchoscopes will be analyzed and the key issues that contributed to the outbreaks identified.  Recent published data on contamination of fully reprocessed bronchoscopes will be reviewed and the issues related to compliance with current reprocessing guidelines will be discussed.  The importance of channel drying and the use of channel-purge storage cabinets in preventing biofilm development will be reviewed.  The issues related to the proposed switch from High-level-disinfection to Sterilization of flexible endoscopes will be reviewed. Finally, there will be a summary of what endoscopy staff can do to assess the risk of bronchoscope contamination at their facility.

At the completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • List three key issues that contribute to infection transmission by bronchoscopes.
  • Describe how wet storage can lead to biofilm formation in endoscope channels.
  • Discuss the importance of endoscope cleaning in assuring efficacy of disinfectants and sterilants.
  • Outline data collection relevant to auditing compliance with bronchoscope reprocessing.

 About the Speaker

dr alfaDr. Michelle Alfa

Dr. Michelle Alfa is the CEO of AlfaMed Consulting and she has over 30 years of expertise in the areas of: medical device reprocessing in healthcare facilities, guidance documents relevant to medical device reprocessing and environmental cleaning, validation testing of equipment and processes, education, and publication of data.

AlfaMed Consulting Ltd was established to provide services relevant to both healthcare and industry. The AlfaMed Consulting expertise includes; microbiology, Infection Prevention and Control, medical device reprocessing in healthcare facilities, guidelines, research protocols and manufacturing quality processes.